Green Kitchen Cabinets — Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets
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Green Kitchen Cabinets

Colors affect human behavior. If you want to evoke a sense of nature and tranquility in your kitchen, installing custom green kitchen cabinets creates the kind of space that will promote the relaxing atmosphere you have always wanted in your home. Sage green kitchen cabinets from Primex can give your kitchen a unique look you won’t find anywhere else.

Tap into the Newest Trend

These are not your grandmother’s green kitchen cabinets. When you order custom kitchens from Primex, you can give your cooking and gathering area a unique look and feel that reflects your family’s specific vibe. Green kitchen cabinets are the latest rage in contemporary custom kitchen design. From mild light hues to deep vibrant colors, all can evoke a sense of the outdoors that is perfect for making your kitchen an oasis in the midst of a busy world.

What Colors Go Best With Green?

Sage Green kitchen cabinets go well with many different colors, but if you truly want a relaxing feel, choose white. The clean, pristine look that white presents works well for countertops or walls. White countertops in marble, quartz or another surface go well with green kitchen cabinets, giving the area a minimalist look. You can even mix sage green kitchen cabinets with darker shades of green or white cabinets for an interesting contrast.

If you like the idea of white but think it provides a contrast that is too stark, think about cream or other light neutral colors like beige or tan. These colors provide a slightly warmer feel and can further the idea of bringing the outdoors inside in your interior decorating.

What Shade Should I Select?

Selecting your shade of green kitchen cabinets is a matter of personal preference, but selecting a light shade of green, plus accompanying light contrasting colors, are better suited for small kitchens where you may want to open the area. The same holds true for kitchens that have a limited amount of natural light. Although you’ll find no hard and fast rule for selecting your kitchen cabinets, lighter colors will always give the illusion that a space is open and much larger than it actually is.